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Unique way of teaching aptitude

B Suresh Kumar (BSK) is a reputed Aptitude Trainer. He has taken Aptitude Classes in more than 55 Leading Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.BSK has a unique way of teaching Aptitude. He does not believe in giving formula and teaching aptitude using the formula. BSK makes the students understand the problem and work out their own shortcut of doing the problem. We dont have syllabus and portions in aptitude.

If it is going to be just averages, ratios, proportions, speed time distance then any eighth standard student can solve all the aptitude questions asked by the companies and get placed. The Aptitude questions given during the CBSE +1/ campus recruitment/ CSAT/ GRE / GMAT are not direct application of formula. The candidates will have to think and get the solutions.

It is only with this objective of making the student to understand the problem and to ensure that they confidently approach the aptitude questions, BSK has started his own institute. All the students who got trained in the Institute and were eligible for campus placement during their college days, are placed.