Once you register you can take free online test. It will have 30 questions of various difficulty level.

You can practise further online test which has been designed as per the latest WIPRO Pattern/ GMAT, GRE Pattern. The paper will start from a question of difficulty level 3. if you give right answer, the next question will come from the next higher level that is from level 4 and if the answer is wrong you will get a question from the lower level/ The marks for each question will be on the level of difficulty. the level 1 question will have 1 mark level 2 will have 2 marks, level 3 will have 3 marks and so on. Difficulty level are from from 1 to 10 A small fees of Rs 100 will be charged and you can attempt online practise test 5 times. Each test will have 50 questions or one hour duration whichever is earlier. you will be given a report on your performance.

Direct students of BSK Aptitude Training Institute can take 20 such tests free of cost after they pay the fees under Scheme I.

Indirect students ( students of colleges where BSK takes Aptitude classes)and Direct students of BSK Aptitude Training Institute under Scheme II and Scheme III can take 10 such tests by payment of the fees of Rs 100/- There are more than 1500 questions in the data bank and no question will get repeated till 30 tests of 50 questions each. A good practice for anyone who wants to crack any competitive exam. All the questions in the data bank are questions asked in the competitive exams earlier.

Corporate Recruitment:

Companies interested in using the online test for the recruitment of candidates with good aptitude skills may contact BSK either through mail or phone for further details